Making pictures.

Drawing a portrait without drawing a conclusion,
Meeting and sharing,
Trusting and revealing,
Freeing minds and bodies.

My camera should not appear.
So I can become your accomplice for a glance,
And enlighten what you tell me, your secrets.
I am just a presence that might appease you or intrigue you,
But I focus on igniting an emotional spark in our imagination.
It is about a meeting that will become a story,
A story that will become pictures, never a cliché.

France, Denmark, Spain, … Europe,
My camera travels and learns on its way by shooting the unexpected scenes.
It is a concert or a corporate event,
An intimate portrait or a family gathering,
A remote suburb or the most famous street in the world.
Meeting people Is my playground,
Image is my way of speaking,
The outcome is what you have to say.